Let's get to the horses
Let's get to the horses

Let's get to the horses

.... And connect with them on a whole new level through yoga. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

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About the Club

Many Ambitions, little time? Welcome to the Club.

Are you looking to improve your horsemanship and riding skills while also feeling more at ease in your body? Do you struggle to find time for self-care or movement? If so, welcome to the Club!

The Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club was created by Daniela Kämmerer to provide riders with a space to deepen their horsemanship both physically and mentally through yoga, while fitting into busy horsey lifestyles without adding stress.

Each yoga sequence, breathwork, meditation, and self-care practice has been crafted to not only effectively improve your posture in the saddle, but to connect you with a deeper understanding of the horse and your own body and mind, inspiring you to develop a better feel for all of it.

And: We understand how busy a life with horses can be, so we value your time and help you integrate self-care and movement into your life easily.

Whether you want to improve your riding skills, aids, and posture, become more aware of your body language, or simply reduce tension or stress and feel better, we can help you become a better partner for your horse every week, leading to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your equine companion.

Our community feature also lets you connect with like-minded riders from around the world.

Come join us and find a practice you can actually stick to. Your health, wellness, performance, and your horse will thank you.


The Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club serves as a digital home for a global community of riders committed to fostering harmony between horses and humans through finding harmony in their own bodies and minds.

These individuals inspire and support each other in their growth as both humans and riders. Through their actions and being, they have a positive and sustainable influence on the entire horse world.

About Daniela

Daniela Kämmerer | Founder + Creator

I believe that yoga and horsemanship are a match made in heaven. After all, yoga can be translated as "union," and isn't that exactly what we seek with our horses?

For me, connecting with horses has been my life’s mission. Since I was a little girl, nothing has made me happier than being around horses. Even though my family in Hamburg, Germany, had nothing to do with them, I always felt a magnetic draw to anything remotely resembling a horse.

As soon as I could walk, I would spend every minute I could standing by nearby horse pastures, admiring them, scheming adventures with them, and – as I know now – enjoying their genuine way of being.

From those days forward, I've been on a quest to find ever deeper, truer connection to horses. Yet it was fate that led me to make a living in the horse world. In my teens, I worked with a few "difficult" horses and, particularly, one very special mare that transformed so visibly in our time spent together that more and more horses were handed to me.

Over the last 20 years, I've been lucky enough to work with hundreds of horses and their riders to establish a positive, relaxed, and holistic connection between the two. In my own search for connection, I started playing with mental images, energy, and breathwork early on, which I later integrated into my teaching.

When I first came across yoga, I was skeptical. Despite my interest in holistic practices, I considered myself to be more of a Pilates-type person, more physical and less spiritual than I felt yoga required.

However, just like with horses, yoga quickly grew on me and opened me up in so many ways. Even in my early days of practice, it felt like it made me better at EVERYTHING.

And boy, did the horses reflect those changes. I became more flexible, less tense, stronger, clearer, more present, and empathetic with both myself and them.

This not only improved my riding dramatically but transformed my horsemanship and my relationships with the horses close to me altogether.

I decided to delve deeper into yoga, took a teacher training, and was soon asked by riders if I would teach yoga to them. Five years later, after additional trainings (including yoga therapy, yoga nidra, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Anusara yoga) and through several live and online courses, I've had the opportunity to teach yoga to hundreds of riders.

Continuously learning from them, as well as from teachers from all over (I’m a nerdy, ever-hungry learner), I've developed my own unique style of yoga teaching that benefits riders in their horsemanship and life.

While my business has further expanded into animal communication (another fascinating rabbit hole, let me tell you) and life coaching (for our own mental and emotional structures play a wildly underestimated role in the horse-human interaction) as well as nervous system and embodiment work, yoga is still the best holistic technology I know to deepen the connection to ourselves and to our horses continuously. Physically, mentally, spiritually.

In short: Yoga has been THE greatest revolution in my horsemanship and life, and I’m beyond grateful to be able to teach the exact techniques that have helped me and my students connect to our horses on the deepest possible level to an even greater community now. I can’t wait to see what will grow for all of us from this.

As a mother to a little girl, a wife, a horse owner, and an entrepreneur, I know how crazy life gets. My aim is to help you and all of us find moments of pause, of centering, and of being among all the doing that help us return to ourselves and serve our two- and four-legged loved ones even better.

Welcome to the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club. I’m honored to have you here.

(And so is the little girl in me, who you might find still speaking through me when I talk about horses.)

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Work 1:1 with Daniela

Work 1:1 with Daniela

Are you interested in learning more about Daniela, and dive even deeper into the communication or relationship with your horse, into your own development as a (horse) person through 1:1 coaching or have a talk with your horse through an animal communication? E-mail us here or click the button below to learn more about her work.