Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club
Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club

Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club

Feel well, ride well, connect deeply – with yoga tailored to support horse people like you in their flexibility, body awareness and softness and that easily fits into busy horsey schedules.

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The Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club is the first online yoga studio and community for Equestrians. Daniela and her Team is here to support you in finally finding time for self-care in your busy horsey life and to become the calm, confident and balanced rider you always wanted to be. 

Yoga for Riders
Yoga for Riders

Alignment-focused yoga sequences designed specifically for horse people. They range from 5-90 minutes and include asanas, principles and class themes that support riders physically, mentally, and spiritually – tried and loved by hundreds of riders.

Meditation & Breathwork
Meditation & Breathwork

Practice your focus, presence and awareness through meditation and learn to work with your breath to manage your energy – in life and around your horse.

Restoration & Self-Care
Restoration & Self-Care

Give yourself and your horse the gift of calm and ease through restorative as well as nervous system balancing practices.

Take it to your horse
Take it to your horse

A wealth of tips, ideas, and inspiration for applying and deepening your practice in the saddle and around your horse.

Recent Videos

Connect to Yourself, Your Horse and Others 

Connect to Yourself, Your Horse and Others 

Pause to practice yoga, self-care and awareness and deepen your horsemanship whenever or wherever you wish. The Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club provides the space to do that:

  • Imagine a broad range of yoga and self-care classes, designed to improve your posture in the saddle and to connect you with a deeper understanding and feel of the horse and your own body and mind.

  • Imagine being able to integrate those practices without stress: We’ve taken time to create classes that align with the abundant schedules, full lives and various responsibilities horse people have.  

  • Imagine a community that helps you be consistent, grow and follow your own path.

All-around support for your best horsey life. This is the BMH Yoga Club for you.  

Benefit from the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club and Live your Best Horsey Life

Benefits for your own Body & Mind:

  • Feel stronger, more flexible and more relaxed

  • Develop more presence and awareness of your own body and mind

  • Integrate your self-care into your busy schedule

  • Discover new confidence, ease and the support of like-minded horse people from around the world

Benefits for your Horse:

  • Communicate more clearly and empathetically – through refined aids and body language

  • Ride more sensibly, softer and as an easier weight to carry

  • Attune to your horse's body language and energy and truly be present for your horse

  • Feel the magic of a deep horse-human-relationship

... and many more!

"Yoga is always an invitation to connect. When we use it to specifically connect our mind, body, and heart more deeply to our horses, magic happens."

Meet Daniela

Meet Daniela

The Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club was founded by Daniela Kämmerer, a yoga teacher and holistic coach based in Hamburg, Germany. She specializes in the connection between horses and humans and assists riders in improving their riding skills, communication with their horses, and personal growth.

Daniela's yoga classes have been praised by hundreds of riders for her empathetic teaching style and tailored exercises. She enjoys finding new connections between horsemanship and yoga, and shares these insights during her classes.

Stop Feeling Alone in your Ambitions to Become a Better Horse Person

Stop Feeling Alone in your Ambitions to Become a Better Horse Person

Discover that you're not alone with your ideas, struggles, emotions and feel the support of others on your journey with your horse. The Body, Mind & Horses Club allows you to become part of a community of like-minded horse people from around the world.

The Club community currently gets together through monthly community live yoga classes as well as an online community and there will be even more chances to interact in the future.

Could be YOU in a few weeks :)


I'm grateful for my experience with the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club. The flexibility to choose a session that fits my schedule is priceless.

Practicing yoga with Daniela brings a profound shift within me, helping me focus, relax, and challenge myself. Just by Daniela's voice, I believe my pulse changes and I calm down. My dog regularly lies down next to the yoga mat and sleeps :-). I feel more relaxed and energized after each session.

Over time, I've noticed improvements in flexibility, balance, and concentration. The guidance on connecting with my horse has deepened our bond.

Daniela's way of teaching and the connection to her other offerings like her podcast, Instagram, and other platforms inspire and motivate me. Being part of this community brings a sense of support and belonging.

I recommend the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club to my friends who love yoga, mindset work, and horses. It offers great value with yoga, coaching, mindset work, horse communication, and body awareness. It has given me hope to prioritize self-care among my responsibilities. I'm grateful to Daniela for creating such an incredible community.


The Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club is so unique because it continuously offers new classes that combine yoga and horses.

What drew me to the Club was the combination of live classes as well as recordings, the variety in classes and the unbeatable price.

Today, it’s one pillar of my personal self-care and maintains my physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The ability to select classes based on what I need the most at a specific timepoint is what I benefit from the most.

It also gives me food for thought about how to think or change thought patterns about my own behavior regarding everything that has to do with my horse. Plus I know that when I feel better, my horse feels better, and the classes definitely contribute to my well-being.

I would definitively recommend the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club to all my horse friends out there. Definitively try it! Yoga and horses are a great combination of subjects. Daniela is very passionate about the yoga club and she puts her whole heart into every video, which you will feel while practicing and beyond.”


After a break from yoga, I wanted to get back into regular practice. The Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club motivates me to practice consistently.

The weekly added content and ever-expanding library helped me maintain a consistent practice, improve flexibility, strength, and mindset. Especially the shorter sessions fit well into my busy schedule.

I appreciate Daniela’s responsiveness to members' suggestions. I recommend the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club to horse lovers who want to improve themselves for their horse. Try it and experience the benefits!


I joined the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club because yoga is important to me and it helps me connect with myself. I admire Daniela's work and have done her yoga classes before.

I love the short yoga sessions, which last about 20-30 minutes. They fit easily into my daily routine as a refreshing break, grounding in the evening, or preparation before visiting my horse.

The best thing about the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club is its flexibility. I can integrate guided yoga practice into my life based on my body and mind's needs.

I highly recommend the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club to anyone who wants to connect with themselves through yoga and improve their relationship with their horse. The format is filled with love. Thank you.”


I had already participated in an online course with Daniela and I find the combination of my two favorite activities, yoga and horse riding (or the contact with my horse itself), simply great.

The blend of yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises, as well as online and live formats, is my favorite aspect of the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club. Just give it a try!


Balancing young children, horses, and part-time work, I reached a point where I couldn't continue as before. It was only then that I finally realized the importance of self-care for myself and others and I started exploring possibilities.

Through an online yoga course on stress with Daniela, I discovered the power of stress regulation and breathing exercises. Combining self-care with improving my relationship with my horse was motivating and led me to join the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club.

The club offers a flexible schedule and the opportunity to improve physical and mental well-being – and I didn’t hesitate to join! I highly recommend it to all my equestrian friends. If I had to describe my experience with the club in one word, it would be 'support.' I always feel well taken care of and have access to great yoga sessions, meditations, and advice.


I joined the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club because it combines two important topics to me as a yoga teacher and horse owner. Connecting yoga and riding appealed to me.

I appreciate Daniela's authentic, sympathetic, and competent approach. The best thing about the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club is the sense of connection among members, despite not knowing each other in person. We all care about similar topics.

I also appreciate that Daniela always responds to our wishes, questions, and suggestions, and uplifts us when we have doubts about horses or yoga. I am impressed by Daniela's dedication, commitment, and engagement.

I would recommend the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club to anyone interested in both topics and wanting to practice at home. Despite being an online community, Daniela's design and approach make it a valuable experience.

Could be YOU in a few weeks :)

I finally stick to my yoga practice and watch myself become a better partner for my horse every week.

Your Yoga Club is Always Here for You

With the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club, your yoga practice is available anytime and anywhere – at home, at the stable on your horse or on the go.

Your Yoga Club is Always Here for You
Your Yoga Club is Always Here for You
Your Yoga Club is Always Here for You
Your Yoga Club is Always Here for You

Start Now and Benefit from Early Entry Rates (Price will go up Dec 1)

"Ultimately, we are the same people in the saddle as we are on the mat and in life. Everything is interconnected, and our horses offer us opportunities for exploration, self-realization, and expansion. Take the next step and join us on the mat!"

Some Frequently Asking Questions

What is included in a subscription plan?

The Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club offers a range of yoga, meditation, breathwork, and self-care classes (audio and video) designed specifically for riders. We add new practices weekly, and as a member, you will be the first to hear about these brand new releases and of course you have unlimited access to all video and audio content. So it's pretty much like you can have your weekly yoga class – specifically designed for riders and whenever you want to have it! And all for a monthly price of about a single yoga class at a studio.

Our classes cater to the goals and needs of horse people, from strength-building flows to restorative practices. Our growing library of practices ranges from 5 to 90 minutes, accommodating your schedule and preferences, no matter what your horsey life throws at you. We understand the busy schedules, full lives, and various responsibilities of our members, and are here to provide moments of pause in between.

What does "Low Early Entry Rate" mean?

As the Yoga Club is growing (which it is weekly), the price for new members is going to gradually increase.

However, if you sign up now, you are going to lock in the low price you start at indefinitely.

Meaning: You'll never be asked to pay more even as the price for new members increases. That's the benefit of being early to the party. :)

What if I don't have a credit card or Google Pay?

We will help you manually if that's the case. Just email us at and we'll set you up!

What are the benefits of a “club” over an online studio?

The club offers everything you would expect from an online studio, but with the added element of community.

In addition to our on-demand offerings, we offer live community classes once a month, and provide the opportunity to connect with other members and like-minded riders. This can help you stay consistent and follow your own path.

The equestrian world is so diverse that we understand the value of knowing that we're not alone on our journeys, with our dreams and struggles. That there is a community that holds us.

You can always ask Daniela questions, suggest a class you'd like to see on the platform, and connect with other members through our community page or WhatsApp group (in the beginning). This way, you can get in touch with Daniela and her team, as well as other like-minded riders. Of course, you're also welcome to practice for yourself, just like you would in an online studio.

Is all content on-demand or will there be live classes?

There is going currently a monthly community live class via Zoom that as a member you are more than welcome to join.

For your convenience, this class, too, will be recorded and made available on-demand later on. 

All other content is prerecorded and on-demand.

How does the membership help me fit the practice into my life?

We do whatever we can to help you find your practice and stick to it.

The video content is completely on-demand, so that you can fit into your life comfortably. And whenever possible, we deliver content in audio form (too), so that taking it with you becomes even easier.

You don’t have to worry about class schedules and opening hours and you don’t have to go anywhere to practice: Through your mobile phone, your online yoga studio is always with you: At home, at the stable, at work and while you travel.

Also, the content varies in length, so that you can take some time to return to you and make you feel better even if you only have 5 or 10 minutes.

Lastly, we remind you of your practice regularly through email. Therefore you won’t miss anything and be nudged toward supporting yourself at a regular basis.

I'm a dressage/jumping/eventing/western/polo rider. Will the practices work for me and my discipline?

The BMH Yoga Club offers classes designed specifically for riders of all disciplines, including dressage, jumping, eventing, western, and trail riding. Our classes cater to the goals and needs of horse people, from strength-building flows to restorative practices.

Additionally, Daniela has experience and a deep understanding of a variety of riding styles, so she understands the unique physical demands and challenges that each discipline presents.

Whether you're a dressage rider looking to improve your posture and balance, a western rider wanting to strengthen your core and improve your seat, or a trail rider seeking to increase your flexibility and reduce stiffness, we have classes that will benefit your riding.

Our library of practices ranges from 5 to 90 minutes, accommodating your schedule and preferences, no matter what your horsey life throws at you. We understand the busy schedules, full lives, and various responsibilities of our members, and are here to provide moments of pause in between. Sign up for our 7-day free trial to experience the benefits of the BMH Yoga Club for yourself!

I don’t feel fit and/or flexible enough for yoga. Does it still make sense to practice?

That’s a common misunderstanding: You don’t need to be fit or flexible to do yoga. The reason, why you see so many flexible yoga practictioners is because yoga will make you more flexible. :)

Helping you listen to your body is one of my main goals. There are plenty of beginner's classes. Just take it step by step and work with what you got and you WILL get fitter and more flexible over time.

All the riders I work with start where they are at – at various different ages and places. You’ll see in the community feature. You do you, it will be just fine.

And in the meantime the meditation, breathwork and self care practices serve to make you feel confident and in balance no matter where you stand.

I tried yoga before and didn’t like it, e.g. because it is too spiritual. Should I still give it a try?

We feel you. Yoga has so many different shades. Every teacher is different and there are about a million different styles… Not everything fits to every body.

If you didn’t like what you’ve tried, we’d always recommend to give other yoga teachers and styles a shot – it might surprise you how different yoga can be and you might find yourself loving it after all.

Plus with the BMH Yoga Club you also improve your horsemanship, so this is something that can’t be taken away from you. We’d recommend you just do a free 7-day trial and find out for yourself!

I already practice yoga. Why do I need a yoga practice that is specifically for riders?

That’s fantastic! Of course, yoga has so many benefits for riders just in and of itself. The yoga we practice in the BMH yoga club ist specifically dedicated to expanding your horsemanship skills in every way and we haven’t seen that in any other offering in this depth.

If you take a solid yoga practice and blend it with principles that link yoga with horsemanship, a selection of postures that benefit the rider especially as well as information that inspires a deeper relationship with your horse… It does add special effects, you will see. 🙂 

At BMH Yoga Club, we consciously deepen our horsemanship through our yoga practice.

So you might take it for a test drive and see if you like this way of combining two beautiful things.

I don’t ride my horse at the moment. Will the practice still help me?

Yes, you can still use the content for yourself and it will also offer you plenty of ideas and inspiration to improve your body language and energy and to deepen the relationship with your horse in general.

English is not my native language and I don't feel so comfortable speaking it. Can I still be a member?

Of course! You don’t need to speak English in order to benefit from the BMH Yoga Club. The classes will be taught in English so you should be able to understand it fairly well, yet you don’t need to be comfortable speaking it yourself. Even in the community, you could ask your questions in German or Dutch, if this feels easier for you.

Can I cancel anytime?

You are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, go to your Account page > Billing > Cancellations.

If you cancel an Annual Subscription, you will not receive a refund. However, your subscription will not renew automatically at the end of your subscription period.

My question hasn't been answered. What do I do?

If your question hasn't been answered, please check our designated FAQ page or email us at

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